CRIKEY Aussie roadworker cuts through NASA’s only cable transmitting the Live Feed for the Transit Of Venus from the one place on the entire planet with the best view of this once-in-a-hundred year astronomical spectacle

NASA missed out on Venus’s once-in-a-lifetime transit of the Sun because an Aussie roadworker severed a Telstra wire.

The incident happened yesterday afternoon near Mataranka and has cut many Northern Territory Telstra customers south of the town – including Alice Springs and Tennant Creek.

NASA’s live feed crossed to interviews with anchormen during the Alice Springs cross, the NT News reported.

About 2000 “bay stations” are out of action in the NT – cutting landlines, mobile, and internet services.

But Telstra spokeswoman Jane DeGault said: “The reason Alice is upset about it is because they’re transmitting to NASA because they are in the best position in the world to see it,” she said.

“They are understandably upset.”




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