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Sean Plott tends to stay at home most days. But when he emerges from his Los Angeles house, he’s a star.

“Pretty much every time I go out somewhere, I get recognized at least once,” he says. Though he says he appreciates his fans, he wishes they wouldn’t treat him as a larger-than-life figure. After all, he’s just some guy.

This familiar complaint usually comes from actors bemoaning paparazzi. But Plott, more or less, is a professional geek. Under the handle Day[9], he hosts a web show that attracts up to 15,000 viewers a night. He has 114,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 50 million views on his YouTube channel. His fame revolves around the world of competitive video gaming, a field that’s been thriving internationally for a decade and is reaching critical mass in the U.S.

For the uninitiated: Yes, people play video games for a living. eSports is…

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