Extraterrestrial Mining Could Reap Riches, Spur Exploration | Space.com

Extraterrestrial Mining Could Reap Riches, Spur Exploration | Space.com.


In-space fuel depot to house pre-processed lunar propellant courtesy of the Shackleton Energy Co.
CREDIT: Bill Stone/Shackleton Energy Company

This space mining could arrive much earlier that anticipated. China is rushing ahead full speed with its space program and they have made huge strides in a very short span of time. I look forward to the First human on Mars in the next 5 to 10 years.

GOLDEN, Colo. — Mining the plentiful resources of the moon and near-Earth asteroids could alter the course of human history, adding trillions of dollars to the world economy and spurring our species’ spread out into the solar system, a new breed of space enterpreneur says. 

By 2020, Shackleton hopes to become the world’s foremost space-based energy company, providing rocket propellant, life support, consumables and services in low Earth-orbit and on the moon to spacefarers.  

nader nazemi

Interceptor missions will allow Planetary Resources to quickly acquire data on several near-Earth asteroids, stepping up the likelihood of prospecting these objects for their volatile, mineral and metallic resources.
CREDIT: Planetary Resources

The technology now exists to access resources from near-Earth asteroids, and Planetary Resources’ mission is to make that happen, Lewicki said. 


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