US military surveillance future: Drones now come in swarms? — RT

US military surveillance future: Drones now come in swarms? — RT.

Nader Nazemi

Killer micro Drones Mimicking Nature

This is terrifying stuff. Imagine a swarm of these micro-machines delivers a lethal toxin into the target’s vicinity and killing the target without even causing any alarms. This is the weapon of assassins and would be a boon for private military contractors and governments alike, taking out your targets and always maintaining deniability.
It’s a brave new world out there.

BUT then again as will all new tech., there is always many many flaws with these gadgets, in fact it is very easy to disable these gadgets with the right tools and sweeping methods. Technology may be getting “smarter”, but it sure is getting easier for others to neutralize it as well.

A small insect or a mosquito over your ear may now be much more than simply annoying. Those could easily be micro drones which now come in a swarm of bug-sized flying spies.
In an effort to create a hard-to-detect surveillance drone that will operate with little or no direct human supervision in out of the way and adverse environments, researchers are mimicking nature.
The University of Pennsylvania GRASP Lab showed off a network of 20 nano-quad rotors capable of agile flight, which could swarm and navigate in an environment with obstacles.

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