Why the ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot? | Movie Talk – Yahoo! Movies

Why the ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot? | Movie Talk – Yahoo! Movies.

Nader Nazemi


Hollywood is running out of ideas and this new guy as Peter Parker sucks. He looks like a twig. 
A mere five years since Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 3” was released, a new version of Peter Parker’s journey from awkward high school student to crime fighter is hitting the silver screen next week. So why is the Webbed One getting the reboot treatment?


2 thoughts on “Why the ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot? | Movie Talk – Yahoo! Movies

  1. So, the Spideys came out at the perfect time to appeal to me. I loved the first two, and then somehow, someway, somebody at Sony decided it was a great idea to let Sam cast Topher Grace as Eddie Brock and give Toby a dance number.

    First, how is it possible to cast one of the most stacked supervillains in supervilliandom as the only actor on the planet more scrawny than Seabiscuit Macguire? Yes. The same guy who played a jockey–who are notoriously tiny.

    Back to Sam. How do you hand the most anticipated movie franchise (at the time) to a guy who is most famous for the biggest, cheapest, cult horror movie of all time and Xena? Xena?!!!?
    But I digress. Spider-Man 3, unfortunately, magnified all the shortcomings of the other films, rendering them nearly unwatchable with Sam’s trademark campiness.
    Initially, I was excited for the reboot. I wanted to see some redemption. I wanted to see a less insecure Pete and one with a sharper tongue. I think we’ll see that, but to your point, is it too soon? My answer would have to be that the next generation is already here. So many films are being made now at a breakneck pace that turnover consideration is almost superfluous.
    Anyway, great blog, keep up the good work, and I’ll hold my breath on Spidey.

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