Man bites dog, eats dog while high on ‘spice’ |

Man bites dog, eats dog while high on ‘spice’ |

nader nazemi

Zombies ?

These stories are getting crazier everyday. Why do people resort to consuming ever more bizarre substances to get high is mind boggling. The problem is that these chemicals exist in everyday used chemicals from detergents to everything else.

A Texas man faces a felony charge after he allegedly bit, killed and ate a housemate’s pet dog while high on the synthetic drug “spice.”
The alleged attack is the latest in the series of violent and bizarre incidents linked to spice, which mimics the effects of marijuana, and bath salts, which mimics cocaine.
Michael Daniel, 22, allegedly smoked spice in his Waco, Texas home before he assaulted his housemates and then ran out of the house into his yard, where he began crawling around on his hands and knees. He barked and growled at a neighbor and chased him back into his home.

8 thoughts on “Man bites dog, eats dog while high on ‘spice’ |

      • This is just crazy. I have never thought for one minute about smoking my bath salt. It seems some people have way too much time on their hands, and are spending way too much time in the bathroom.

      • Well, people do crazy things all the time. And I agree with you on people spending too much time in the bathroom. This is the problem with synthetic drugs and all drugs in general, one never knows the effects until it is too late and the effects are different on different people. It’s a crazy world.

    • As it is always the case in the world of recreational drugs and finding any substitute. It is the poor man’s choice of drugs. That and Glue.
      And of course other assortments of household chemicals. 😀

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