How the Global War on Drugs Drives HIV and AIDS – Yahoo! News

How the Global War on Drugs Drives HIV and AIDS – Yahoo! News.

nader nazemi

System Failure

What a failure of epic proportions for the so caled “War on Drugs”. Once again showing that brute force without the considering the fact that drug use and other illicit activities have various underlying reasons. And these reasons need to addressed in order to better prevent the further spread of drug use and the associated diseases and social ills.

The war on drugs is driving much of the global AIDS pandemic, increasing new infections among injection-drug users in the U.S. and elsewhere, according to a new report from the Global Commission on Drug Policy.

The commission — led by a distinguished panel including the former presidents of Mexico, Poland, Colombia, Brazil and Switzerland, along with Virgin Airlines entrepreneur Richard Branson, the former chair of the Federal Reserve, Paul Volcker, and former Secretary of State George Schulz, among others — finds in its report that about one-third of all new infections outside of sub-Sarahan Africa occur in injection-drug users.


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