Iconic Atari turns 40, tries to stay relevant – Yahoo! News

Iconic Atari turns 40, tries to stay relevant – Yahoo! News.

Atari - Nader Nazemi


How time flies. It was just a few years ago that it seems Atari was the best thing around since sliced bread but as technology at least as it becomes available for the public these console games have gone to such extremes at Kinect and even Google glass.
NEW YORK (AP) — A scruffy, young Steve Jobs worked at Ataribefore he founded Apple. “Pong,” one of the world’s first video games, was born there, as was “Centipede,” a classic from the era of quarter-guzzling arcade machines. “Call of Duty” creator Activision was started by four of Atari‘s former game developers.
The iconic video game company turns 40 years old this week, much slimmer these days as it tries to stay relevant in the age of “Angry Birds” and “Words With Friends.”
Jobs was just 19 when Atari hired him as a technician, making $5 an hour. He worked the night shift because many of his co-workers didn’t get along with him and didn’t appreciate his refusal to wear deodorant, according to Walter Isaacson‘s recent biography of the late Apple chief executive.

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