The Eyes Have It: Marketers Now Track Shoppers’ Retinas – Yahoo! Finance

The Eyes Have It: Marketers Now Track Shoppers’ Retinas – Yahoo! Finance.

Nader Nazemi-Heat Map

Getty Images – Marketers are using eye-tracking. Here, a Brooklyn, N.Y., shopper.

This is scary stuff. Imagine being tracked everywhere you go and being Identified and presented with products that you think you want. Looks like the movie Minority Report is not far off from the truth. 

Consumer-products companies are turning to new technology to overcome the biggest obstacle to learning what shoppers really think: what the shoppers say.

To find out what really draws their test shoppers’ attention, companies like Procter & Gamble Co.Unilever PLC andKimberly-Clark Corp. are combining three-dimensional computer simulations of product designs and store layouts with eye-tracking technology. And that, in turn, is helping them roll out new products faster and come up with designs and shelf layouts that boost sales.
Nader Nazemi-Heat Map

Heat Map

Researchers have watched test consumers’ eye movements for clues to their thinking since the early 1900s. But vastly improved technology in the past few years has helped them actually track retinas to get a true fix on where people are looking, for how long and how often. That information has helped dispel myths about what really matters in design.
Nader Nazemi-Tom Cruise-Minority Report

Tom Cruise-Minority Report-Iris Scan



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