Uh Oh, Facebook Is Losing Its Popularity – Yahoo! News

Uh Oh, Facebook Is Losing Its Popularity – Yahoo! News.

Nader Nazemi-Facebook

Facebook Failure

And so it begins and which was predicted that Facebook will turn into myspace 2.0. It was foretold a long time ago. The company is only operating on hype and its claimed 900+ million users is nothing but users with multiple accounts and a large swath of unused accounts. Even the Investment Banks that underwrote the IPO if facebook  knew that it was not worth what it was hyped to be and were actually sued and being sued for hiding material information from the general public.

Facebook today saw a drop in two main metrics of popularity: number of friends and likability, which presents a particular problem for the social network because popularity is what it sells. 

Over the last month, Facebook has not only seen a 1.1 percent drop in U.S. users, but a decline in 14 of the 23 countries where it has 50 percent penetration, found an analyst using tracking software. 

Beyond numbers though, another metric, the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, found over the last year the users that have stayed are less satisfied. Facebook scored a 61, which not only represents over a 7 percent decrease from one year ago, but puts it well below Google+. 


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