Wolf to Leave UBS to Form New Firm – NYTimes.com

Wolf to Leave UBS to Form New Firm – NYTimes.com.

Nader Nazemi-Robert Wolf

Robert Wolf, left, chairman of UBS in the Americas, is among the leading fund-raisers for President Obama’s campaign.

Well about time he goes on his own. He has probably amassed billions. And a reputation to go along with as well. 

One of President Obama’s biggest supporters on Wall Street is about to leave his perch at UBS, one of the world’s largest banks.
Robert Wolf, who is the UBS chairman for the Americas, is leaving at the end of the month to set up his own advisory shop. He will retain close ties to UBS, which will be the first client of his firm.
A 28-year veteran of Wall Street, Mr. Wolf has enjoyed his status as a prominent defender of the Obama administration and a top-ranking fund-raiser. He has garnered more than $500,000 to re-elect the president this year, and regularly plays golf and vacations with Mr. Obama on Martha’s Vineyard.
Nader Nazemi-Robert Wolf

Robert Wolf will leave UBS to start a firm called 32 Advisors.

Mr. Wolf makes more than $5 million a year at UBS, according to several people had been briefed but declined to be identified discussing personnel matters.

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