Colorado suspect was brilliant science student – Yahoo! News

Colorado suspect was brilliant science student – Yahoo! News.

Nader Nazemi-James Eagen Holmes

James Eagen Holmes

This incident should be studied and the reasons that triggers an apparently normal person to commit such a heinous crime revealed. We all have a bit of evil with us, but to actually unleash it or to set is loose is something that never really happens. James Eagen Holmes and the Batman Massacre he has committed is an atrocity and a modern day holocaust. A tragedy indeed.

DENVER (AP) — James Eagen Holmes came from a well-tendedSan Diego enclave of two-story homes with red-tiled roofs, where neighbors recall him as a clean-cut, studious young man of sparing words.

Tall and dark-haired, he stared clear-eyed at the camera in a 2004 high school yearbook snapshot, wearing a white junior varsity soccer uniform — No. 16. The son of a nurse, Arlene, and a software company manager, Robert, James Holmes was a brilliant science scholar in college.
In the age of widespread social media, no trace of Holmes could be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter or anywhere on the Web. Either he never engaged or he scrubbed his trail.
A longtime neighbor in San Diego, where Holmes grew up, remembers only a “shy guy … a loner” from a churchgoing family. In addition to playing soccer at Westview High School, he ran cross country.
The bookish demeanor concealed an unspooling life. Holmes struggled to find work after graduating with highest honors in spring 2010 with a neuroscience degree from the University of California, Riverside, said the neighbor, retired electrical engineer Tom Mai.

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