Taking a Risk, and Hoping That Lightning Strikes Twice – NYTimes.com

Taking a Risk, and Hoping That Lightning Strikes Twice – NYTimes.com.

Nader Nazemi-Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster

Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster and managing partner of the Founders Fund.

The constant thrive for innovation is essential for a vibrant economy and the potential to achieve success and financial success and in the long term. It is a known fact that most industries were either created by entrepreneurs and their ability to create jobs and others items that contribute to the economy to keep oiling up the wheels of the economy.

Sean Parker, the 32-year-old billionaire and former president of Facebook — played by Justin Timberlakein “The Social Network” — was sitting on the top floor of his town house in the West Village of Manhattan last month, lamenting that too few entrepreneurs continue taking big risks after their first great success.

“Every good entrepreneur I know ends up in the wasteland of being a venture capitalist. It’s really frustrating,” he said.

Mr. Parker was sitting, or more accurately, slouching, on a couch next to his best friend and business partner, Shawn Fanning. Together, they founded Napster in 1999, the online music service that upended the entire industry before closing and filing for bankruptcy after losing a court case over piracy.

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