F-22 Fighter Loses $79 Billion Advantage in Dogfights: Report – Yahoo! News

F-22 Fighter Loses $79 Billion Advantage in Dogfights: Report – Yahoo! News.

Nader Nazemi-F22-Expensive toy-Nader Nazemi

F22-Expensive toy

Looks like the Pentagon is in the business of developing failed projects. This expensive toy will never see action, because not since WW2 has the US been in a REAL WAR. All its wars were against minor third world starving countries from Vietnam to South American states to the Middle East- Iraq- with all the Fear-mongering of WMDs which nothing was ever found. Or Afghanistan no man’s land. 

 The United States has spent nearly $80 billion to develop the most advanced stealth fighter jet in history, the F-22 Raptor, but the Air Force recently found out firsthand that while the planes own the skies at modern long-range air combat, it is “evenly matched” with cheaper, foreign jets when it comes to old-school dogfighting.
The F-22 made its debut at the international Red Flag Alaskatraining exercise this June where the planes “cleared the skies of simulated enemy forces and provided security for Australian, German, Japanese, Polish and [NATO] aircraft,” according to an after-action public report by the Air Force. The F-22 took part in the exercise while under strict flying restrictions imposed by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in light of mysterious, potentially deadly oxygen problems with the planes – problems that the Pentagon believes it has since solved.

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