Review: ‘Total Recall’ – ABC News

Review: ‘Total Recall’ – ABC News.

Nader Nazemi-Colin Farrell-Nader Nazemi-Total Recall-Arnold-Kate Beckinsale-Nader Nazemi

Total Recall is a crappy remake of the original starring Colin Farrell and some woman actor and another woman with three boobs for eye candy

This is a good review of the movie. And shows how hollywood the cesspool it is, is just rebooting and rehashing and re-packaging garbage and sugar coating it and them selling it to the public which of course buy it whole sale. 

Nader Nazemi-Total Recall-Nader Nazemi-Three Boobed Woman-Nader Nazemi-Colin Farrell-NaderNazemi

Total Recall Three Boobed Man

The good people behind “Total Recall” 2012 really want you to believe it’s not a remake of “Total Recall” 1990. That’s like asking you to believe that at some point today, you’ll be solicited by a prostitute with three breasts.
That character from the original is one of several characters and scenes that also appear in the new film. Paul Verhoeven’s version takes place on Mars, while Wiseman’s version takes place on Earth, just as it does in the source material, Phillip K. Dick’s 1966 short story, “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale.”  Also, Colin Farrell, lacking the muscles and pop-culture currency of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who starred in the original, is a much better actor.  Too bad those acting skills are never quite fully used.

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