Goldman Cleared in Mortgage Investigation –

Goldman Cleared in Mortgage Investigation –

Nader Nazemi,GoldmanSachs,Cleared,Wall Street,Nader Nazemi

Goldman sachs Cleared again.Nader Nazemi

Of course Wall Street always finds a way to wiggle itself out of every mess it creates. They took the largest bailouts in human history to cover their behinds sponsored by the government. Looks like its capitalism for everyone else except for Wall Street where Socialism by the government and every government to bail them out is standard.

Goldman Sachs disclosed that it was cleared of wrongdoing after an investigation into a $1.3 billion subprime mortgage deal, a surprising victory for the bank.

The Securities and Exchange Commission‘s decision to forgo action is an about-face for the federal regulator. In February, the S.E.C. notified Goldman that it planned to pursue a civil enforcement action over the deal, a package of subprime mortgages in Fremont, Calif., that the bank sold to investors in 2006.
The S.E.C. was examining whether Goldman misled investors into thinking the mortgage securities were a safe bet. At the time, Goldman said it would fight to convince regulators that they were mistaken.

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