3 Reasons the iPhone 5 Won’t Live Up to the Hype | The Exchange – Yahoo! Finance

3 Reasons the iPhone 5 Won’t Live Up to the Hype | The Exchange – Yahoo! Finance.

Nader_Nazemi_Apple iPhone5_Nader_Nazemi

Apple iPhone 5

It was a good ride while it lasted for Apple. Paying 1000% premium for a product that is hyped to death is not a wise investment with all the other options which cost a fraction out there and outperform the iPhone and Apple products in general.

But can the iPhone 5, which some analysts are predicting will sell as many as 250 million units, live up to the hype surrounding its release? Is there any way the actual product will justify all of the praisebeing heaped on it? (And remember, most Apple watchers expected the iPhone 5 to launch a year ago, when the 4S made its debut, so there have been almost 12 months of build up.) Of course not; here are a few warning signs. 

1. It might require new hardware 
Apple is reportedly in the process of phasing out the 30-pin dock connector that’s been standard on its mobile devices since the first generation iPod and is replacing it with a new, smaller connection.  

2. It may be overkill for prepaid networks 
Five years into its life cycle, the iPhone has lately become a player in the growing U.S. prepaid market, which traditionally caters to value-conscious customers who pay for service on a month-to-month basis. But, truth be told, the iPhone 5 might be too much for these providers to support.

3. It now has some real competition

Whatever happens when the iPhone 5 launches in late September, the iPhone platform itself is now five years old. Sure, the 5 is expected to include some new bells and whistles — like a more powerful processor, a better camera, an improved operating system and a new case design — but will that be enough to separate Apple’s latest and greatest from the growing herd of imitators?

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