Is the MMO dying? | Games Blog – Yahoo! Games

Is the MMO dying? | Games Blog – Yahoo! Games.

The novelty of these games quickly wear off and the monthly fees and all kinds of payments they siphon from users really piss off the players.

Just a few short years ago, massively-multiplayer online games (MMOs) were considered the future of gaming.

These days, though, massively-multiplayer online worlds are beset by bad news. World of Warcraft lost 1.1 million customers in the last three months. It’s lost 2 million in the past year. Meanwhile, EA’s highly anticipated entry in the field — Star Wars: The Old Republic — failed to take off, with subscriptions dropping to under 1 million last quarter. It was an incredibly rapid drop from the 2 million subscriber peak of earlier this year.

With these two behemoths having serious issues, is the entire genre on the outs? Not necessarily, but it’s definitely changing — and that could be great news for consumers who have grown sick and tired of forking over monthly fees for online games.

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