Paul Ryan and What Wall Street Should Know –

Paul Ryan and What Wall Street Should Know –

Nader Nazemi-Paul Ryan-Nader Nazemi

Paul Ryan Anti Wall Street ?

Looks can be deceiving. But in the end this is only fodder for the voters. We all know that politics is a just like a soap opera and a popularity contest with no real substance.   He could be mistaken for a Wall Street banker. Or perhaps a hedge fund manager. Or even a managing director at a private equity firm, like Bain Capital.
Paul Ryan, with his clean-cut Brooks Brothers looks and wonky obsession with spreadsheets, could be just the archetype of a Wall Streeter.
Mitt Romney’s new running mate even trades stocks in his spare time. He’s a fan of the nation’s blue chips: among the stocks he owns are AppleExxon MobilGeneral ElectricI.B.M.Procter & GambleWells FargoGoogleMcDonald’sNike andBerkshire Hathaway, according to his latest disclosure filing.
Mr. Ryan is a disciple of Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman, two figures long associated with free markets.
And he has the support of some powerful backers in finance: his top donors include employees of Wells Fargo, UBSGoldman Sachs and Bank of America. For his 2012 Congressional race, he raised about $179,000 from securities professionals (not a large sum, but certainly thesingle largest sector that donated money to his campaign).

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