Long-lost Egyptian pyramids found on Google Earth? | Fox News

Long-lost Egyptian pyramids found on Google Earth? | Fox News.

Natural Rock Formations. We see what we want to believe. 

A self-described “satellite archaeology researcher” has garnered widespread media attention with claims that she has found two possible pyramid complexes in Egypt using Google Earth. But experts say her pyramids are nothing more than eroded hills infused with a heavy dose of wishful thinking.
Angela Micol, a North Carolina-based woman who blogs at Google Earth Anomalies, says she discovered the two clusters of mysterious, angular mounds in the Egyptian desert while surveying satellite images of the terrain using Google Earth, the virtual map program. In its coverage, Gizmodo asserts that the desert structures look as if they have been “very deliberately arranged,” and that they “bear all the hallmarks of ancient pyramid sites
Turns out, further field research won’t be necessary after all. These mounds are just your common buttes.
“It seems that Angela Micol is one of the so-called ‘pyridiots’ who see pyramids everywhere,” said James Harrell, professor emeritus of archaeological geology at the University of Toledo and a leading expert on the archaeological geology of ancient Egypt. “Her Dimai and Abu Sidhum ‘pyramids’ are examples of natural rock formations that might be mistaken for archaeological features provided one is unburdened by any knowledge of archaeology or geology. 
In other words, her pyramids are just wishful thinking by an ignorant observer with an overactive imagination.

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