Apple Becomes Biggest Stock of All Time – Yahoo! Finance

Apple Becomes Biggest Stock of All Time – Yahoo! Finance.


Late Steve Jobs Founder of Apple planned to take over the world post-mortem

Looks like the sky is the limit for Apple. As along as they churn out new products and hipsters gobbling it up like candy. And of course charging exorbitant prices while it cost only a fraction to make in China. 

Barely a year after supplanting Exxon Mobil as the largest stock in the current marketplace, Apple entered the record books Monday, becoming the most valuable stock to have ever traded. 

Apple closed at another historic high of $665.15 on Monday, ending the day with a record market cap of $623.5 billion. With the gain, Apple (AAPL) eclipsed Microsoft’s (MSFT) peak market cap of $618.9 billion, a level that Microsoft hit more than 12 1/2 years ago, on Dec. 30, 1999. That happened at the height of the dot-com boom and just three months before the Nasdaq Composite peaked at its all-time high of 5,132.52. 


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