Happy 25th birthday, Street Fighter! | Games Blog – Yahoo! Games

Happy 25th birthday, Street Fighter! | Games Blog – Yahoo! Games.

Street Fighter-25th-Anniversary-Nader-Nazemi

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary-nader-nazemi

It’s a Great Game !!!
The most famous fighter in video game history might be a little old, but it still packs a wallop.
And lots of Hadoukens.
Believe it or not, Capcom’s legendary Street Fighter turns 25 today. While it wasn’t the first fighting game ever made (that honor arguably goes to the 1976 coin-op Heavyweight Champ), Street Fighter indelibly altered the genre with its intuitive controls, fantastic animations and deep gameplay. It’s had an equally large impact on popular culture, spinning off into movies, cartoons, and even a fancy slot machine.
The secret to its success?  To Russ Frushtick, senior editor of video game site Polygon, it’s all about balance.
“[The Street Fighter series] has stood the test of the time because it’s both accessible and extremely strategic,” he says. “If you know nothing about the game and just want to jump around, kicking guys in the face as a green monster, Street Fighter will let you live out that fantasy. For the more serious players, there’s a staggering amount of depth.”

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