Obama’s lease renewed despite tough economic times – Yahoo! News

Obama’s lease renewed despite tough economic times – Yahoo! News.


President Elect Barak Obama

It was a fun election.

WASHINGTON (AP) — His lease renewed in trying economic times, President Barack Obama claimed a second term from an incredibly divided electorate and immediately braced for daunting challenges and progress that comes only in fits and starts.

“We have fought our way back and we know in our hearts that for the United States of America, the best is yet to come,” Obama said.

‘Horses and bayonets’: The final presidential debate on social media | The Ticket – Yahoo! News

‘Horses and bayonets’: The final presidential debate on social media | The Ticket – Yahoo! News.


Obama – Romney debate talking about Horses and Bayonets

That was a hilarious retort and comeback from Obama. I mean I started to laugh out loud.

Monday night’s final presidential debate didn’t break any social-media records—but it did provide what many on Twitter felt was a delightfully ridiculous moment.

Total Twitter activity around the debate was the lowest of the three presidential debates, with 6.5 million tweets over the course of 90 minutes. (The first debate saw 10.3 million tweets, while the second saw 7.2 million.) The most tweeted moment was President Barack Obama’s retort to Romney’s attack about the decreasing size of the U.S. military: “We also have fewer horses and bayonets,” Obama said.
The campaigns were paying attention: After the debate, the Romney campaign purchased the promoted tweet for the hashtag #horsesandbayonets while the Obama campaign purchased the promoted tweet around searches for “bayonets.”

6 Insane Conspiracy Theories (That Actually Happened) | Cracked.com

6 Insane Conspiracy Theories (That Actually Happened) | Cracked.com.

nader nazemi

Stranger than fiction

As we’ve demonstrated before, the only things crazier than the stories concocted by the paranoid are the real conspiracies history’s creepiest movers and shakers have pulled off right under our noses. Secret schemes that shaped the world around us are hiding in the footnotes of our history books, if you just know where to look. For instance …

#6. Big Auto Killed the Electric Streetcar
#5. The Insane Government Scheme to Get Rid of MLK
#4. The Election Conspiracy That Might Have Killed Hundreds of Thousands of People
#3. Everyone Is Nazis
#2. The KGB Was Involved in the Kennedy Assassination (But Not How You Think)
#1. The Fictional Attack That Started a War

Two planes spark F-15 scramble during Obama visit – Yahoo! News

Two planes spark F-15 scramble during Obama visit – Yahoo! News.

Nader Nazemi

An F-15 fighter jet was scrambled on two separate occasions Saturday to intercept two single-engine planes that violated a flight ban imposed for President Barack Obama‘s visit to his hometown of Chicago, officials said.

Why G20 Meeting Is So Important for President Obama – US Business News – CNBC

Why G20 Meeting Is So Important for President Obama – US Business News – CNBC.

Nader Nazemi

With global anxiety rising, President Obama is searching for bolder, swifter signals from Europe that it will contain its financial mess and keep it from torpedoing the U.S. economy and his re-election chances along with it.

Politics is killing the stock market. Why can’t it be a murder-suicide?


Investors have to pay more attention than they ever have to political wrangling, and that’s made the market more difficult to navigate, BlackRockCEO Larry Fink told CNBC.

With the presidential election looming, upheaval in Europe and the dangers of thefiscal cliff, market participants are subject to the continual whims of political discourse, Fink said in a “Squawk Box” interview.

“That’s one of the main changes in the investing world against let’s say five or 10 years ago. Politics is playing a much more substantial role in the direction of the marketplaces,” he said. “I think we have such important issues to address politically, and they’re having such an impact on the markets.”

As a result, investors who normally would have a much longer time frame are focused to think in shorter increments, he said.

Fink, whose firm manages more than $3 trillion in assets, pointed out thatpolitical wrangling is even making its way into boardrooms, where company CEOs are serving shorter terms than the historical norm.

“We’re compacting all this time frame and we’re not seeing what I could call leadership and guidance and stewardship in terms of focusing on how to build a better future,” he said. “If you go back 20, 30, 50 years ago you had many more circumstances where people focused on more long-term issues and we’re not seeing that today.”

One of the main problems he identified is the rapid-fire news cycle and the proliferation of market opinions that has come with the expansion of the Internet.

“Everybody has their own bullhorn,” he said. “Everybody can have a mouthpiece, whether it’s a blog — sometimes blogs become viral and they change the course of the conversation for the day.”