Arnold And ‘Conan The Barbarian’ Reunited: Universal Reboots Action Franchise With Schwarzenegger – Yahoo! Movies

Arnold And ‘Conan The Barbarian’ Reunited: Universal Reboots Action Franchise With Schwarzenegger – Yahoo! Movies.

Conan the Barbarian Returns with Arnold Schwarzenegger-Nader-Nazemi-Iran

Conan the Barbarian Returns with Arnold Schwarzenegger

This is the best news since man discovered fire. Can’t wait for this movie.

Universal Pictures has made a deal for The Legend Of Conan, an action film that will star Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of his signature roles as Robert E. Howard’s mythic barbarian. The deal brings Conan and Schwarzenegger back to Universal, which released the first film that launched Schwarzenegger’s movie career back in 1982. Universal has world rights on the film.

The film will be produced by Fredrik Malmberg and Chris Morgan. Malmberg is CEO of Paradox Entertainment, which holds the rights to Conan. Morgan is the Universal-based writer and producer whose credits include the last four Fast And The Furious films, along with Wanted and 47 Ronin. Morgan has hatched the story and might write the script. The caveat is that the studio wants The Legend Of Conan for summer 2014, and Morgan might not be finished writing the seventh Fast And Furious installment by then. If that happens he will be a very active producer, because this is Morgan’s dream project.

Said Schwarzenegger: “I always loved the Conan character and I’m honored to be asked to step into the role once again. I can’t wait to work with Universal and the great team of Fredrik Malmberg and Chris Morgan to develop the next step of this truly epic story.”

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Kristen Stewart Dropped from \’Snow White\’ Sequel Plans (Exclusive) – Yahoo! Movies

After the scandal with Kristen Stewart  and the director of that really bad movie and with all the negative publicity and drama a sequel will also flop. Hollywood is already a cesspool of human feces. 
Universal has decided to shelve its planned Snow White and the Huntsman sequel and is instead focusing on a solo Huntsman movie starring Chris HemsworthKristen Stewart will not be invited to return if the follow-up goes forward.
Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the sequel to June’sSnow White, which starred Stewart, Hemsworth and Charlize Theron, is being reconceived as a spinoff movie. It’s unclear whether director Rupert Sanders will return, although one source with ties to the production says he will. However, screenwriter David Koepp, who had been hired to pen the continuation of the original film, is being settled out of his rich contract, according to sources, as the project is being transformed into something other than the movie that Koepp had been hired to write.

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